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Beginning in the 1960s, the most advanced economies have seen an exponential increase in their populations due to diseases deriving from poor nutrition and environmental pollution, with a consequent increase in overall health spending which has become unsustainable for society. Production on an industrial scale has also undermined the safety and integrity of the agricultural environment, as well as reducing to the point of eliminating the preservation of local biodiversity. 
The aim of the Centro San Cresci is to develop a replicable economic model that tests some answers to contemporary problems. An integrated model of self-sufficient and sustainable life as an alternative to "living" in the cities that are now sources of pollution, which puts the person in its entirety and in its many dimensions at the center: family, individual, social, work that creates an economic model based on the rediscovery and enhancement of natural life cycles. The aim is to overcome the contradictions that emerged in contemporary society, through the implementation of a life-style on a human scale, which preserves health through the development of::

  • renewable energies,

  • a sustainable and integrated agriculture, assisted by applied research,

  • good nutrition and daily life practices,

that allow the implementation of practices of social and labor inclusion of the most disadvantaged categories, facilitating the management and reconciliation of work and family times.

Renewable energies,
sustainable and integrated agriculture, good nutrition practices and daily life

Integrated model of self-sufficient and sustainable life

The awareness of the impact that a correct diet has on the health of the individual and on the prevention of diseases is the backbone of the Centro San Cresci in the part concerning the development of:

- food raw materials at 0 Km,

- organic, biodynamic and permaculture crops,

- transport with renewable and sustainable energy,

- production of functional foods and specific food supplements,

- preservation and enhancement of local species,

- development of educational and training courses, aimed at the population in terms of food education and lifestyles based on reducing, re-use and recycling, energy efficiency so as to improve the Kyoto objective.

The Centro San Cresci as well as for the receptive activity framed in the various work programs, acquires above all an effective therapeutic value, meaning therapy not the hospital clinical implication, but the possibility of a physical psycho-recasting in a natural environment with the possibility of however, use every discovery of scientific progress for a fair and balanced exploitation of nature.
The performances will range from horticultural therapy, allopathy, homeopathy (art therapy and euritimia), physiotherapy, acupuncture to osteopathy, craniosacral and rehabilitation massages such as traditional Chinese medicine



Part of the lawn area will be destined to the plant of health facilities, with particular development of therapeutic aquatic and thermal activities: solarium, steam and dry saunas. The use of aquatic facilities will be for bio-dance, aquatic and cuddly therapy activities.
There is also a fully equipped dental office with natural methods.
In the gym, it is possible to use the postural re-educational system of the "gyrotonic gymnastics". GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is the ideal method for those who aspire to develop or improve their physical potential and motor skills, extend their own body flexibility or recover that lost in the years, reaching psycho-physical well-being (like Pilates, but more evolved) to release muscular tension and mobilize all joints. To this end, “wooden machines” will be used, special tools built using ebony and steel - real works of art - capable of offering the only, concrete and revolutionary alternative to gym machines today. It is currently recognized as the most advanced form of body work with gym equipment.

Realization of the "corner of dreams", a place to take refuge and dream


Sow and harvest.

Respect and protect.

Today and tomorrow.

Responsible behavior in every step taken.

A wooden and stone pagoda inserted in the woodland context will be a meeting point for practicing Chi Lel Qi Gong, yoga, meditation, tai chi, shiatsu, biodanza and the like.
It will be realized "the corner of dreams" is a place to take refuge where to dream, a place to create, a place to express oneself, to communicate, a place where it is possible to find the simple knowledge of friendship. In solitude, in illness, in confusion, "the corner of dreams" helps not to feel alone, it does not have the power to resolve illness, but it has the power to help shift attention away from suffering.



San Cresci is located 35 km north of Florence, in the Mugello area. A paradise surrounded by greenery, a good retreat for all those looking for a serene oasis without getting too far from the city of Florence - (Italy)


The Mugello area is easily accessible by the A1 motorway exiting at the Barberino del Mugello tollbooth, entering the 551 state road following the signs for Borgo San Lorenzo in the San Cresci area.


For those who prefer to travel by train to Borgo San Lorenzo, there is a train station and a bus that reaches San Cresci in 10 minutes.


For people coming from far away in Florence there is the airport with shuttle service that connects to the Florence Santa Maria Novella railway station.

To reach San Cresci with the satellite navigator it is necessary to set as destination San Cresci at via San Cresci 31 - Loc. San Cresci of Borgo San Lorenzo - Florence (Italy).



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