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Il territorio


From the cadastral documents of the land and woods and those of the buildings available, the following data can be found. From the summation of all the cadastral parcels the estate currently has 657 hectares of land and woods, of which about 150 ha of agricultural land or intended for grazing and about another 500 hectares of woods including those destined for fruit chestnut groves.

As for the buildings from the document "observations" presented to the Municipality of Borgo San Lorenzo on July 31, 2014, to be included in the new urban planning regulation, approved on July 14, 2016, and published on the BURT on August 24, 2016. Overall, the properties net of those on the Ontaneta estate are over 11,000 square meters.

Given the size of the Agricola estate and its position on the hilly territory of San Cresci, the a project intended to be implemented as outlined above is useful not only for Agricola San Cresci Srl Agricultural Company but for the whole part of the municipal territory affected by the project.

The arrangement of the hydro-geological system, the environmental recovery of the territory, the arrangement of the roads, the repopulation of the abandoned territory, the social activities and the accommodation activities allow to give employment to young and less young people to carry out for all the activities foreseen by the


The recovery of part of the territory:

plan of the woods, buildings and essences cultivated on the estate of San Cresci


The employment generated: it is planned for 70 families and therefore is for over one hundred people

As well as leaving the spontaneous flora unspoiled as a result of the abandonment of a territory, in the same way it is detrimental as a consequence of the first damage the growth of the fauna of all sorts of animals, insects, ungulates which generate damage if grown without limiting the numbering is reached so that anything started for the recovery of the estate is subject to damage and destruction for crops and not only.

Social farming
The repopulation that is foreseen by the project does not foresee the exploitation of the land, of the forest and no speculation on real estate, but the management of a community that resettles in this air to live in serenity, away from the daily stress of modern life to also take care of of social agriculture.
The employment generated
The quantification of the employment generated by the project in all its agroforestry-accommodation activities is planned for 70 families and is therefore for over one hundred people.


The recovery, accommodation and maintenance of the hydrogeological system of the territory.

The abandonment of the territories in general and that of the San Cresci estate in particular has generated and generates the hydrogeological instability of the whole territory.

Therefore the deviation or the occlusion of the water courses modifies the path of the same ones bringing behind them every form of debris that create damages to the territory both for the generation of landslides and landslides both for the accumulation downstream of piles of debris that in time it generates other damages and floods.

The repopulation of the territories is the first step to keep the watercourses clean and functioning and with time the realization of
hydraulic protection works, water resource conservation and utilization of the same for energy production.
In this way, what is today a dangerous situation is modified, thus transforming it into an opportunity of environmental improvement.
Another topic that will be analyzed is that of an adequate solution to any failures


Plan of the 19 springs, one of which has sulphurous water present on the estate

Plan of the roads that cross the estate

The recovery of existing local roads
The greatest damage caused by abandonment is the gradual loss of roads, paths, paths, etc. that allow the transit and maintenance of the same.
The abandonment has gradually led to the narrowing of routes and accesses and
subsequently to the loss of the same, or to the intransitability following the thick sprouted vegetation.

The restoration of the transit of existing routes is already in place as it is an essential element for access to all the sites of the estate, both for real estate recovery and for agro-forestry activities.

Change your life: decide your future!
Centro San Cresci, a world of sensory emotions and the value of healthy relationships.
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San Cresci is located 35 km north of Florence, in the Mugello area. A paradise surrounded by greenery, a good retreat for all those looking for a serene oasis without getting too far from the city of Florence - (Italy)


The Mugello area is easily accessible by the A1 motorway exiting at the Barberino del Mugello tollbooth, entering the 551 state road following the signs for Borgo San Lorenzo in the San Cresci area.


For those who prefer to travel by train to Borgo San Lorenzo, there is a train station and a bus that reaches San Cresci in 10 minutes.


For people coming from far away in Florence there is the airport with shuttle service that connects to the Florence Santa Maria Novella railway station.

To reach San Cresci with the satellite navigator it is necessary to set as destination San Cresci at via San Cresci 31 - Loc. San Cresci of Borgo San Lorenzo - Florence (Italy).



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