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Dear friend and dear friend,

we invite you to experience the exciting and innovative experience of the Centro San Cresci project with us.

The philosophy behind this project is considered by us creators, a group of friends voted for energy and environmental sustainability, agricultural and livestock subsistence at 0 Km, respect for the environment and quality of life, a very model current. We are certain that our individual frequencies have allowed our spontaneous aggregation, finding ourselves in agreement in anticipating the times, in wanting to realize this humanitarian project. Today we give the opportunity to participate in the project to other multi-generational groups of families, singles and friends who wish to live in shared and cohousing private homes and elective neighborhoods, in an agricultural context, located in San Cresci of Borgo San Lorenzo. A paradise just 35 km away. north of Florence, in the Mugello area of Tuscany.
The principle on which philosophy is based is as simple as it is revolutionary, reiterating the use of verbs such as "reduce, reuse and recycle". It is not a sterile regret of the past, but it is a convinced adherence to values such as study, competence, merit and seriousness, today sacrificed to the manic dedication of "followers" and "likes".

Furthermore, our philosophy brings together three important concepts:


"3R: reduce, reuse, recycle"

our sentence


INVITATION: return to the future


A natural language:
all to be re-learned
and no instruction
to follow

Discover, Listen, Experience.

1) The human being's need for sociality:

  • sharing of common spaces and services, allowing for considerable savings (a);

  • revaluation and recovery of rural activities;

  • realization of productive workshops and arts or places where each inhabitant will be able to express their attitudes in work and artistic activities;

  • opening of a school of excellence for children and the first Academy of Vedic Mathematics in Italy as well as a natural therapy study centee (b);

  • refined and cozy hospitality where even the "shipwrecked of Love" will find a tranquil harbor;

  • realization of the "house of the differently young" to make active "relaxation" be practiced for the elderly (c);

  • to promote harmony between man and nature with exclusively bio methods and systems;

  • creating bridges of dialogue, friendship and brotherhood, beyond religions and politics: laughing with others and not others.


Everyone likes healthy food, physical activity, the rhythms of nature, clean air and water, thrift ...

2) Self-sufficiency, to make body and soul live, in terms of:

  • creation of a center of excellence in Integrated Medicine: Classical Medicine, Complementary Medicine such as Traditional Chinese Medicine: Tuina Massage, Pediatric Tuina Massage, Qi Kong to strengthen eyesight (Dr. Ma), Acupuncture, in addition to Anthroposophic Medicine, Homeopathic, Ayurvedic, Chiropractic, Kinesiology and Skull Sacral, Phytotherapy, Osteopathy and Thermalism making use of one of the most complete plants for natural health therapy. Furthermore, it will be possible to take advantage of a therapeutic vegetable garden to favor the well-being of the psychophysical guests by reducing hypertension, stress, anxiety and also reducing the consumption of antibiotics;

  • supply to the inhabitants of food resources rigorously produced in the estate at 0 Km without the use of harmful substances (a);

  • energy production with wind, geothermal, photovoltaic panels, wood, pellet and hydrogen;

  • realization of vegetable gardens - orchards - gardens and breeding of courtyard animals with productive but above all socio-educational purposes;

  • production of personal detergents and detergents with non-polluting substances.

  • practice of ancient crafts such as carding wool, dyeing fabrics, etc.

  • creation of places where every person in the community can express their attitudes in artistic activities (painting, sculpture, mosaic, writing, music, singing, etc.) *, "... a small gallery where they can exhibit their paintings, sculptures and paintings to the world mosaics, as well as a small concert hall for each musician, and a small cinema for each filmmaker, where they can show their favorite films and films of the past, and each writer a small publishing house with which to print their own books. "Thus a new culture, vast and unstoppable, could be born without intermediaries”. *( Silvano Agosti, Cinema Azzurro Scipioni)

3) The recycling of resources and waste:

  • adoption of the WASTE 0 Km strategy, the total recycling of waste by composting also thanks to the use of food waste correctly disposed of;

  • revitalization of the wastewater of the estate after having been biofitodepurate through a lacunation system.


  1. a. Shared services vary from one residence to another and include:
        - a common multifunctional space equipped with kitchens;
        - a play-room for children (which hosts a micro-nursery);
        - ua concierge-service center (which pays bills, receives mail, makes reservations);
        - an equipped hobby room;
        - a car-sharing or bikesharing service;
        - a laundry (automatic or manned with external outsourcing);
        - a space for the collection and composting of waste per 0 km;
        - a warehouse for the stocks of the buying group;
        - alternative and co-managed energy supplies and, of course, a large green space, with vegetable gardens and greenhouses which, in     addition to favoring social cohesion and making shared spaces more comfortable, also have strong environmental advantages.

  1. b. Children living in cohousing residences develop a greater sensitivity for green spaces and a better ecological conscience, as well as having a greater predisposition for outdoor play and socialization.

  1. c. Improving the quality of life by welcoming elderly people whose goal is to take care of the body and continue to enjoy life and not put on slippers taking care of the passage of time. Active people who will always keep their minds bright with a thousand activities will be considered important socially as living archives of the past, believers in something and very optimistic in character.

  2. a. So that they strengthen the human metabolism so that the physical and spiritual development of man takes place in a harmonious way.


San Cresci is located 35 km north of Florence, in the Mugello area. A paradise surrounded by greenery, a good retreat for all those looking for a serene oasis without getting too far from the city of Florence - (Italy)


The Mugello area is easily accessible by the A1 motorway exiting at the Barberino del Mugello tollbooth, entering the 551 state road following the signs for Borgo San Lorenzo in the San Cresci area.


For those who prefer to travel by train to Borgo San Lorenzo, there is a train station and a bus that reaches San Cresci in 10 minutes.


For people coming from far away in Florence there is the airport with shuttle service that connects to the Florence Santa Maria Novella railway station.

To reach San Cresci with the satellite navigator it is necessary to set as destination San Cresci at via San Cresci 31 - Loc. San Cresci of Borgo San Lorenzo - Florence (Italy).



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