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The Centro San Cresci project is based on the objective of using and exploiting the particular conformation of the place in order to ensure a social integration of self-sufficient elderly and disadvantaged children hosted in special centers managed and cared for by expert families and volunteers in dealing with the different cases .
A "House of Wise Men: Ecovillage for the elderly" like "Jardin d’arcadie" and a "Family House" will therefore be created for the recovery of children with family situations of imprisoned parents or other family problems. A healthy living space to give light to their minds and warmth to their hearts.
Children in contact with nature, far from the chaos, stress and pollution of the cities, will learn to know the nature and the psycho-physical well-being that they derive from it, they will find the peace and tranquility that each of us he needs.

House of the wise "Ecovillage for the elderly"

and "Family Home"


Furthermore, a Holiday Home will be built which will be used especially for the reception of children and elderly people.

The Holiday House will be open all year round, I know that children can spend time learning to live in a sauna, massages juggling school, the mini circus juggling school  ( or entrusting them to the baby parking..


San Cresci is located 35 km north of Florence, in the Mugello area. A paradise surrounded by greenery, a good retreat for all those looking for a serene oasis without getting too far from the city of Florence - (Italy)


The Mugello area is easily accessible by the A1 motorway exiting at the Barberino del Mugello tollbooth, entering the 551 state road following the signs for Borgo San Lorenzo in the San Cresci area.


For those who prefer to travel by train to Borgo San Lorenzo, there is a train station and a bus that reaches San Cresci in 10 minutes.


For people coming from far away in Florence there is the airport with shuttle service that connects to the Florence Santa Maria Novella railway station.

To reach San Cresci with the satellite navigator it is necessary to set as destination San Cresci at via San Cresci 31 - Loc. San Cresci of Borgo San Lorenzo - Florence (Italy).



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