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At the Centro San Cresci the students will gather in different places: in someone's home, in a laboratory, in a studio in the woods or in the meadows, with the "teacher" who will have chosen or even without a "teacher".
Any place that offers the opportunity to learn something will be an educational space, because you learn when you are interested and it is the interest that stimulates concentration.
Education will be based on what we hope to receive from the future and not on what we think we know of the past.
The Centro San Cresci wants to be the bridge between the past and the future, that is, it wants to make use of past experiences to project itself towards future achievements. Not professors but educators. At the Centro San Cresci the "masters" are guides whose main purpose is the complete development of the person. This implies not only the development of mental knowledge and attitudes, discipline, strength of character, but also and above all the concentration on the qualities of inner life and on the growth of the child's consciousness.
The education process begins at the Agri-Nest starting at the age of 2 years. Through play, children discover each other, integrate into the group and begin to learn other languages spontaneously. This route continues in the Agri-Kindergarten (or Forest Kindergarten) up to the Agri-School.

The didactic power of Nature: "There are teachings both in heaven and in the earth to testify of its admirable power: I do not say only secrets of nature, which require a specific study and a knowledge of astronomy, medicine and all physics , but I mean those that are so obvious that the roughest and most stupid know them, so that they cannot open their eyes without being witnesses to it ".

Agri nest

agri kindergarten

agri school

"Only children know what they are looking for - The Little Prince"


You learn when you are interested and it is the interest that stimulates concentration.

The alternative to Agri-Kindergarten and Agri-School is Parental Education (for children from 1 to 6 years), an experience consolidated for years at the LUMEN - naturopaty school , an experience that will also bring at the Centro San Cresci. Parental Education is a shared education in which all children can express their talents and harmonize the various aspects of their character, in harmony with the needs of others. An alternative primary school project, to be created independently, driven by the desire to offer a rewarding and rich experience, not only from an intellectual point of view.
The project consists of: a classroom, suitable for children who must attend, volunteer teachers, good ideas and enthusiasm. In summer you can use outdoor spaces to experience, in reality, the topics that are discussed in class. 
Then the middle school and upper secondary school follow. Those who wish can go to the Institutes, to the high schools of the nearby town of Borgo San Lorenzo (4 km from San Cresci) and to university studies in the nearby city of Florence (30 km from San Cresci) and therefore scholarships will be established .
Furthermore, a school of excellence will be founded: the first Academy of Vedic Mathematics in Italy. Specialized courses are planned in the various artistic disciplines and the mini Circus juggling school - clownery - balancing  ( and refresher courses for crops are planned. In addition, courses are planned for the study of the application of natural and non-conventional therapies, etc.
At Centro San Cresci schools will not be traditional but will be Green School certified.
What is a Green School?
It is a school that is committed to reducing its impact on the environment and educating its students and adults to adopt an active and virtuous behavior for the environment. A Green School stands out from the others because it is a good example, it is an antenna that transmits a message of sustainable development to the territory. The schools of the Centro San Cresci will be excellent in terms of sustainability by reducing their ecological footprint and promoting an environmental culture among students, families, institutions and the community in general.



San Cresci is located 35 km north of Florence, in the Mugello area. A paradise surrounded by greenery, a good retreat for all those looking for a serene oasis without getting too far from the city of Florence - (Italy)


The Mugello area is easily accessible by the A1 motorway exiting at the Barberino del Mugello tollbooth, entering the 551 state road following the signs for Borgo San Lorenzo in the San Cresci area.


For those who prefer to travel by train to Borgo San Lorenzo, there is a train station and a bus that reaches San Cresci in 10 minutes.


For people coming from far away in Florence there is the airport with shuttle service that connects to the Florence Santa Maria Novella railway station.

To reach San Cresci with the satellite navigator it is necessary to set as destination San Cresci at via San Cresci 31 - Loc. San Cresci of Borgo San Lorenzo - Florence (Italy).



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